Staten Island Locals Become Ever More Interested in Motorcycles and Scooters

Even with fuel prices having dropped so much, interest in motorcycles and scooters on Staten Island remains high. Riders appreciate not just the way that their two-wheeled means of locomotion sip fuel, but also how they are so much more fun and engaging to operate than common cars or trucks. As a result, sales of motorcycles and scooters have continued to climb in recent years, even while the prices of petroleum and of refined gasoline and diesel have fallen so greatly.

That has been good news for dealerships and service centers in the Staten Island area, as well. Over at Gotham Motorcycles, General Manager Alex Figliolia Jr. and his crew are celebrating a highly successful first year in business, with the young business’s performance having easily exceeded expectations. With ten thousand feet of bustling showroom space, Alex Figliolia Jr. and his team of sales experts, technicians, and support staff do a brisk business fitting locals with motorcycles and servicing their rides thereafter.


In fact, the appeal of particular motorcycles and scooters even seems to be steadily spreading outside of its traditional boundaries. Alex Figliolia Jr. reports that more women are buying their own motor-powered two-wheelers than in the past, and often settling on particular models that would formerly have been thought of as appealing mostly to men. Whether that means a career-minded professional woman buying a relatively racy, sleek motorcycle for weekend use or someone of a similar background settling on a loud, aggressive chopper, transportation of this kind is becoming more broadly appealing than in the past.

Thanks to that steadily expanding customer base, dealerships like Gotham Motorcycles have done very well for themselves in recent times. Alex Figliolia reports at his website, for instance, that Gotham will give away a brand-new KYMCO scooter for its first anniversary, with entries for the raffle flowing in at a rapid pace. With the dealership’s first anniversary coming up soon, a lucky winner will be chosen and announced before long, adding another happy owner to the long, growing list of motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts on Staten Island.

While it is always dangerous to attempt to predict the future, most believe that this surging interest in such transportation will continue, too. Those who become familiar with what it is like to ride on a motorcycle or scooter through the open air tend not to forget the feeling and to learn to value it as an important part of life. Even if fuel prices remain low for a long time to come, then, it seems likely that interest in such vehicles will stay high.

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